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2022 Taipei Sports Bars / 5 recommended bars and restaurants to watch the World Cup broadcast, drink while watching the game! JUKSY street star

2022 Taipei Sports Bars / 5 recommended bars and restaurants to watch the World Cup broadcast, drink while watching the game! JUKSY street star
2022 Taipei Sports Bars / 5 recommended bars and restaurants to watch the World Cup broadcast, drink while watching the game! JUKSY street star

The four-yearly World Cup is coming! The 22nd FIFA Qatar World Cup ™ will officially kick off in Qatar on November 21 this year. I believe that both diehard fans and 1st fans are looking forward to the arrival of the event. Do you think it is too boring to watch the broadcast at home alone? Here are 5 bars in Taipei with a great atmosphere and where you can watch the game. I am ready to cheer for the players with everyone and have a wave of enthusiasm!

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Recommended sports bars in Taipei in 2022


2.Da Bar

3. Hooters American Restaurant


5. Tonight Pub


As one of the few English-style pubs in Taipei, this ON TAP is known to everyone in the foreign circle of friends in Taiwan. Even the actor Liam Neeson, who is known as the “strongest dad”, has patronized it! In addition to the projection screen in the bar to watch the broadcast, there are also darts and billiards to play, and there are different themed activities every day. The performance of food and drinks is also very good, and the CP value is super high!


Address: No. 21, Lane 11, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Daan District, Taipei City

Tel: 02 2741 5365

Da Bar

Da Bar, located near Ren’ai Circle, can be said to be an old-fashioned sports bar in Taipei. There are many high-definition HD TVs in the store to broadcast real-time sports events. There are also dart tables and pool tables available for use. It is very suitable for a large group of friends to gather! The meals include American cuisine and exotic cuisine, and also provide a variety of drinks, and you can also customize the bartending, which is delicious and delicious! In addition, the store is open for smoking after 9 o’clock. If you are concerned about the smell of smoke, you may want to consider it!

Da Bar

Address: No. 5, Lane 91, Section 4, Renai Road, Daan District, Taipei City

Tel: 02 2711 9698

Hooters American Restaurant

Hooters American Restaurant, which has been in Taiwan for more than 20 years, serves signature spicy chicken wings, charcoal-grilled seafood, Big Mac burgers, delicious steaks, pork ribs and other delicacies, and dances and shakes hula with Hooters Girl wearing a vest and hot pants The circle show is famous. At the same time, this is also a sports bar. There is a whole row of screens in the store so that you can watch the broadcast at any time. If you want to spend a hot and lively night during the World Cup, you will never be disappointed here! At present, Hooters has branches in MRT Nanjing Fuxing Station, Yuanbai A13, and Yuanbai Zhubei. We are going to take our colleagues to watch the ball game after get off work, and let’s enjoy the hot girls dancing! In addition, at the Hooters Xinyi store in Far East A13, there is a beautiful outdoor viewing platform overlooking Taipei 101, so you can go on a date by the way!

Hooters Qingcheng Store

Address: 1F, No. 18, Qingcheng Street, Taipei City

Tel: 02 2716 5168

Hooters Xinyi Store

Address: 14F, No. 58, Songren Road, Taipei City (A13, Yuanbai)

Tel: 02 2729 0168

Hooters Zhubei Store

Address: 4F, ​​No. 18, Zhuangjing North Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County (Yuanbai Zhubei)

Tel: 03 550 3978


Want to date a girl while watching the ball? Come to the high-altitude bar SEA TO SKY Bar on the 47th floor of Breeze Xinyi, you are right! In response to the upcoming World Cup, SEA TO SKY Bar and Taihu Brewing Taihu Draft Beer “Hi HIGH” launched the “‘Hi’ High Altitude Crazy World Football” event. From 11/21 to 12/18, they will be together at the city hall station Be a passionate fan at the highest top-floor bar and join in the grand event with international competitions! The admission fee is 400 yuan + 10% per person on weekdays, 550 yuan + 10% on holidays (Friday to Saturday), and an additional 1280 yuan on weekdays. You can enjoy Taihu draft beer “Hi HIGH” and unlimited red and white wine. While sipping a drink and enjoying delicious food, while watching the game, you can also enjoy the superb night view of Taipei 101!

SEA TO SKY-Seafood & Bar

Address: No. 68, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City (47th Floor, Breeze Xinyi Department Store, Exit 3, City Hall Station)

Tel: 02 2758 1116

Tonight restaurant

Tonight Restaurant, which only opened in August this year, the whole store is dominated by gray, with a light strip design, which is full of fashion sense! It provides a variety of creative dishes, flavored drinks and shisha, and there will be DJ performances on weekends, which is very suitable for relaxing with friends~ During the World Cup, you can also watch the broadcast in the store. Just come to TONIGHT to watch the game during the event and check in Mark, according to the number of people, you will receive free meals such as truffle fries, World Football limited fried barrels, sparkling wine, etc. In addition, free-flow beer during World Football games is only 666 yuan per person!

Tonight restaurant

Address: No. 157, Yanji Street, Daan District, Taipei City

Tel: 02 2741 8399

Simultaneous live show at Shin Kong Cinemas

If you think the bar screen is too small to look cool? You can also go to the cinema to watch the broadcast this year! For the first time, Elda TV has an exclusive cross-border cooperation with Sunbeam Cinemas to broadcast football matches in the theater through a live connection with zero time lag. The super large screen and immersive sound effects make watching more enjoyable! And it is not sloppy in terms of catering. The studio has cooperated with many well-known catering brands to launch a variety of catering options. It also invites well-known wine merchants according to the specifications of the celebration banquet, and provides unlimited classic drinks. In order to redefine the luxury specification, Taipei Tianmu Shin Kong Cinemas even provides VIP exclusive booking service. Shin Kong Cinemas own brand “BOX hall”, the seats use four-handed Tianwang massage chairs, making watching the game even more enjoyable!

The 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup™ will be played, and Sunbeam Cinemas will release five of its cinemas to broadcast the event. “Taipei Lion Grove Shin Kong Cinemas” and “Taichung Chung Kong Shin Kong Cinemas” led fans to fight all the way to the championship and runner-up matches from the top 16 knockout rounds, while “Taipei Tianmu Shin Kong Cinemas” began broadcasting the knockout rounds from the top 8 , “Taoyuan Tsingpu Shin Kong Cinema” and “Tainan Ximen Shin Kong Cinema” are locked in the climax of the entire competition, the championship and runner-up match will be the main axis of the cinema broadcast, so grab your friends and go to the cinema to watch the broadcast! In addition, you can also read further: Brotherhood is here! 3 restaurants and pubs in Taipei where you can play VR games. After drinking ㄎㄧㄤ, you can play more FU!

▼【Chaorenshe EP8】Zhuang Zhuang pays tribute to the original handmade shoes of Shaolin football!

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