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The wave of biotechnology is surging, and the next thing to pay attention to is CDMO Regenerative Medicine | Anue Juheng

The wave of biotechnology is surging, and the next thing to pay attention to is CDMO Regenerative Medicine | Anue Juheng
The wave of biotechnology is surging, and the next thing to pay attention to is CDMO Regenerative Medicine | Anue Juheng

Disk analysis:

The Fed raised interest rates three yards as expected by the market and continued to tighten monetary policy. Yesterday, the four major U.S. stock indexes were all mixed, and Taiwan stocks opened lower and higher today. , the broader market fell 139.89 points to close at 14284.63 points, and the trading volume could exceed the monthly average volume.

Focus of viewing:

The exchange rate of the Taiwan dollar continued to depreciate to 31.604 yuan. Today, the stock exchange rate doubled again. From the perspective of capital flow, the proportion of electronic transactions has decreased to 49.29%, and the proportion of shipping industry transactions has increased to 16.58%. The relatively resistant groups are biotechnology, medical care, and tourism. Up 3.51%, 2.35%; the group with the heaviest decline is shipping, down 3.64%; from the perspective of bargaining chips, foreign capital still buys less and sells more in the spot market, today’s sales exceeded 19.456 billion, and investment trust bought more than 2.792 billion today; from a technical perspective , the pressure on the top is heavy, and the short-side structure is established, and the key point of 14,397 has fallen below. If the short-term index cannot be stabilized, the index will not rule out another drop.

Operation strategy:

Today OTC bucked the trend and turned red. Huaguan Investment Advisor Chen Xiufang said that it was still a domestic investment, mostly due to the performance of individual stocks, while the biotech group successfully solved the blindness in Polaris Pharmaceuticals – KY (6550-TW), which has driven the entire market atmosphere. Biotech stocks are on the red. In addition to the daily limit of Polaris Pharmaceuticals-KY (6550-TW), there are also sugar unions (4168-TW) and Zhiqing (4162-TW), which also have a strong daily limit today. The entire biotech group, and moreover, can also look for less noise-free electric vehicle groups to focus on.

Analyst Chen Xiufang has been selflessly sharing his views on the biotech group in the after-hours video and video. Today, as he said, Polaris Pharmaceuticals – KY (6550-TW) has successfully solved the blindness, which is expected to drive another wave of biotech stocks. The rising trend, especially Baoling Fujin (1760-TW) and Bao Rui (6472-TW), also have a good increase of 6.5% and 7.42% today, and once again remind friends who have orders, please set your own Good stop profit stop loss point!

Analyst Chen Xiufang plans to take students tomorrow (23rd) to deploy a biotech stock, which has been written in the “NO.12 Bi-Weekly Report”, and the “NO.12 Bi-Weekly Report” micro-payment experience activity ends this week , If you want to know which biotech stocks you are optimistic about, and you want to follow your friends to enjoy the joy of profit, you are welcome to join the team!

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