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“Don’t involve him anymore!”: After V’s relationship with Jennie was exposed, a large number of GD fans were angry

Recently, Jennie’s mobile phone was hacked, and the date photos with V were exposed. Although the parties have not responded positively, Korean netizens are still excited to discuss. In particular, this incident has led to an extra case, that is, now G-Dragon fans are starting to be very angry, because every time there is news about V and Jennie, it will involve him, making fans feel distressed.

Jennie and V’s news keeps involving GD

make fans angry

The day before yesterday, GD attended the CHANEL X FRIEZE event held at Chanel’s flagship store in Cheongdam-dong. I haven’t seen him for a while, so he is the king of K-pop.As soon as he appeared on the stage, he screamed again and again, and it was obvious that his figure had gained weight compared to when he participated in the CHANEL 2022/23 Cruise show in May, and he looked refreshed and in good condition.

Quan Zhilong, who has experienced strong winds and waves since childhood, seems to be unaffected by Jennie’s emotional events. Although he doesn’t mind, the recent news has been constantly mentioning him, which made fans very unhappy.

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In the Korean forum, many netizens expressed their support for GD in words

The reason why fans will be angry this time is mainly becauseAs long as Jennie is mentioned, the name of GD will definitely be involved. For example, GD is only participating in activities, and some people say that it would be embarrassing if they happened to meet an ex-girlfriend. All of this made GD fans unbearable and protested in a Korean forum post: “Don’t involve Quan Zhilong anymore.”

Many netizens expressed their support for GD in words, and left messages one after another: “Don’t involve GD in this kind of dating gossip, even if they were together, it’s the past.”, “V and Jennie can fall in love freely, but Please don’t implicate GD.”

Of course Jennie has the freedom to love

However, some critics

There were also people who criticized Jennie for changing several Tiancai boyfriends in just a few years, with a slightly sour tone: “The first one was Kai, then GD, now V, who’s next? Who and Jennie? There’s nothing good about it.”, “V has nothing good to wish for with her, because Jennie will soon have another boyfriend.”

Everyone knows that online forum posts are free to speak, so it is inevitable that some people will express their personal opinions irrationally. In fact, Jennie also has the freedom to fall in love, so there is really no need to criticize it so harshly.

But what I can feel at the moment is that fans are really angry. After all, GD was once thin and worried about his health. Now he has finally recovered to his previous state of good spirits, so I hope there will be no more unnecessary rumors. affect him.

Now I just hope that this “photo exposure incident” will end soon. The most important thing is to bring the hackers to justice. Everyone who wants to fall in love should fall in love, and the most important thing is that others live their own lives happily.

And GD fans don’t get angry. When they are angry, they listen to “Still Life”, and they feel relieved immediately.

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