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Cao Jung-seok fell down at the opening performance of the meeting, humiliated and hugged his knees + lying flat again, super hilarious! “Machine Doctor” 99s Surprise Appeared in Chorus | Kdaily Korean Fan Daily

Cho Jung-seok’s “Cho Jung-seok Show” was held in 5 years since the fan meeting in 2017, which brought unforgettable touch to fans. During the whole 150 minutes, Cao Zhengsuk not only brought wonderful singing and dancing performances, playing and singing by himself, but also Tian Meidu, Jin Daming, and Zheng Jinghao as the guests of “Machine Medicine” 99s. Interesting episodes also sparked heated discussions online.

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Cho Jung-seok held a two-day performance in Seoul from September 3 to 4, and the performance on the 4th was performed simultaneously through an online paid live broadcast. Cho Jung-seok, who was a musical actor, has both singing and dancing skills. “Cho Jung-seok SHOW”, as its name suggests, is more like a performance for fans than a simple fan meeting.

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Jo Jung-seok opened with a strong opening performance on Michael Bublé’s “Feeling good,” followed by a self-sung guitar and self-singing “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz, and singing “The Origin of Love” from the musical “Hedwig”.

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Heartwarming, he was still carrying a guitar. In the camping field-themed session, he shared stories from fans who were struggling with illness, cheered for fans with tears, and expressed to fans of high school students who were troubled by exams and grades. Telling stories about his school days.

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Jeon Mi-do, Kim Daming, Jung Kyung-ho and Cho Jung-seok sing thePhoto from twitter

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Surprisingly, Tian Meidu, Jin Daming, and Zheng Jinghao made a surprise appearance as guests in “Doctor Witty Life” on the 3rd. After that, the 4 people shared the latest situation and sang together the popular OST “Aloha” in the play. In addition, “Doctor Zhang Dongdong” Shin Hyunbin also seemed to be there. Everyone also celebrated Zheng Jinghao’s birthday together on that day~

Cho Jung-seok accidentally fallsPhoto from YouTube

Jo Jung-seok buried his head and hugged his kneesPhoto from YouTube

Interestingly, there was also a small episode in “Cao Zhengseok SHOW”. When Cao Zhengseok performed “Feeling good” at the opening, the dancer had a step to stretch his feet, but when Cao Zhengseok stepped back, he didn’t pay attention, and he tripped and fell. As a result, Uncle Cao’s reaction was so hilarious, he buried his head and hugged his knees, not wanting to see anyone!

Cho Jung-seok pulls director to lie down togetherPhoto from YouTube

Cho Jung-seok starts acting againPhoto from YouTube

When the staff came to be concerned, Uncle Cao said with a grievance on his face: “What is this… It’s still an opening…” Then he asked the staff to lie down with him (?), which caused a burst of laughter at the scene. In the end, Cao Zheng-seok sat up handsomely (the staff ran away in embarrassment XD), and started the performance again. The editor will really be laughed at by Cao Zheng-seok!

Cho Jung-seok later expressed his thoughts on the meeting: “When I first named the show “Cho Jung-seok SHOW”, I felt a lot of burden and tension when I thought of leading the audience by myself, but seeing the fans after a long time filled me with excitement. I am very excited. I want to warmly remember the time spent with the fans today.” (Uncle Cao is really warm, fans are not wrong fans!)

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