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King Chung regards Emperor Zhuang Kaixun as the best magician in the hearts of children

King Chung regards Emperor Zhuang Kaixun as the best magician in the hearts of children

Interview written by Qiu Mingyu

Photo courtesy of / Zhuang Kaixun

Even Zhuang Kaixun, who is already the King of Kings, did not change his low-key personality under the blessing of the golden bell, which is not a star personality, but it did not detract from his wonderful performance in TV and movies. No matter what role he plays, whether a magician, a father, a rehabilitated person, or a greedy politician, Zhuang Kaixun can always play every role, but after returning to his family life in private, he is the father of two children, facing the real father in real life. Zhuang Kaixun considers himself to be a child’s great playmate and a magician in his son’s heart.

I believe that many people are not unfamiliar with Zhuang Kaixun. In the past 17 years, he has continued to work hard in theatrical works, but Zhuang Kaixun is extremely low-key outside the publicity period. Under his dark appearance, he exudes a quiet and introverted quality, and he does not make news in the colorful entertainment circle. He is not too popular, but with his superb acting skills and unique personal temperament, he has been nominated for the Golden Horse Award and the Golden Bell Award for Best Actor and Supporting Actor for many times, and won the 50th Golden Bell Award for “On the Way Home”. Best Actor in a Series/TV Movie.

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King Chung regards Emperor Zhuang Kaixun as the best magician in the hearts of children

The innocence of children softens the heart of iron man

After years of long-distance love, he married his girlfriend Xiao An outside the circle in 2016. After six years of marriage, they had a son and a daughter (Mars and Luna). Zhuang Kaixun believed that the child had indeed softened his personality after birth. He described himself as a strict self-discipline and strict People who treat others with such a personality can easily give people a sense of oppression and are not easy to get along with. “But with the birth of two children, their every move has become the first priority in my life, and my mentality has become invisibly relaxed. The sharp eyes that used to be softened.” Zhuang Kaixun believes that his biggest change comes from letting go of his “ego” and no longer being self-centered. At the same time, his wife, Xiao An’s “slow” attitude towards life has also exerted a subtle power on him.

In his childhood, Zhuang Kaixun was a person who was afraid of making mistakes and would not care about other people’s opinions. As a young boy in the family, he had an older brother and a sister. He was an introvert and loved to cry since he was a child. He was always able to please his elders. When he was a child, he thought that his father loved his brother more than him. In order to express himself, he would hide in a corner and practice how to speak before each speech. His introverted and sensitive attitude and pursuit of perfection also shaped him. After he was born, Zhuang Kaixun, who was strict with himself and treated others, made him stumble and suffered a lot along the way. Fortunately, his wife and children gradually gave him a soft appearance.

Son inherits his sensitive traits

Now he sees his high-mindness again in his son Mars. The four-year-old Mars is a timid child who is sensitive to sounds and hesitant to try things that are unfamiliar and unfamiliar. He recalled that when Mars was two years old, when his wife was pregnant with a younger sister, Mars had an anxious act of picking his nails. He and his wife kept encouraging him with positive attitudes, so that he gradually accepted the arrival of a younger sister in his future life. Alleviate his anxiety and doubts.

Compared with his elder brother Gao Min, his younger sister Luna, who is one year and five months old, has an exploratory personality. Faced with two children with completely different personalities, Zhuang Kaixun bluntly said that the husband and wife will take care of the elder brother’s mood, sometimes. When playing, the younger sister will slap the elder brother because he does not know how to control his strength. At this time, they will not ask the elder brother to let the younger sister, but will accuse and reprimand the younger sister’s behavior in a timely manner. Usually Mars will stand up and protect the younger sister at this time. Said that she was still young and ignorant, which is why they found that Mars already had the self-consciousness of being an older brother. There is no so-called black-faced or white-faced division of labor in their family. “Same position, same attitude” is the consensus between our husband and wife on the upbringing of children.

In addition to magic, they also sell omelettes

Zhuang Kaixun also revealed that in fact, his son still does not know that his father is an actor. There is no TV at home, and he does not have the habit of letting children use mobile phones and tablets. The children have almost never watched his performances. He said with a smile: “Once when my son was at his grandmother’s house, he saw a picture of Dad making omelets on the screen. Mars still thought that his father’s job was selling omelets.” I don’t want to unravel this interesting misunderstanding. He also mentioned that he sometimes makes magic tricks for children to see. Once classmates from Mars school learned from their parents that Mars’ father was the magician in “The Magician on the Flyover”, and excitedly asked Mars to say “you” Is dad a magician? Mars also has no doubts about him, and the classmates said that my father is very good at magic and is a magician! So in my son’s mind, in addition to being very good at omelettes, I am also a very good magician.

A while ago, due to the severe epidemic situation and the need to film outside for a long time, he chose to move out for the health of his children and his wife. “I only learned to be a father after I became a father. The change in my identity made me better understand that the fathers of the previous generation had to go out of the house to work hard because of the pressure of having to support their families. It was because of love and a sense of responsibility that they had to choose to leave. Mood.” With a full score of 100, he would rate himself as 70, because the eldest, Mars, was filming in Singapore at this stage from climbing to learning to walk, and he missed the company during this period. When I think about it now, I still feel a little regretful! However, as the epidemic has eased recently, he plans to drive his family to the northeast corner for a day to enjoy the parent-child time of watching the sea and being close to nature.

Self comes last after being a dad

Talking about the change of mood after becoming a father, he believes that “before becoming a father, the focus of life is all on himself. After becoming a father, the focus is on the family, and the eyes follow the children, and the self has been put to the end.” However. , He also said that in the heart of Mars, he has a feeling of admiration for his father, feeling that his father is the whole world, not only his big playmate, but also his exclusive magician. However, for Zhuang Kaixun, he hopes that his father, after working hard for most of his life, can regain his childlike innocence and enjoy the responsibility and emotion brought by the role of a father, “And we will always love him!”

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