Concubine Diana vomits “popular crushing husband” married and becomes the fuse, daughter-in-law Kate hurts Charles

The fresh and straightforward image of Princess Diana will remain in the hearts of the world forever. (AFP)

Prince Harry of the United Kingdom once mentioned in his autobiography “Spare Tire” that Charles III, the father of the king, was dissatisfied that Prince William and Princess Kate had a higher media volume than him and Camilla; before that, Charles’ ex-wife , Princess Diana once revealed that her popularity overwhelmed her husband who had always been proud and arrogant, which was also one of the reasons for the breakdown of this marriage.

In 1995, Princess Diana (Princess Diana) accepted an exclusive interview that caused a sensation all over the world and shamed the BBC in the future. She confirmed for the first time that Queen Camilla made her marriage with Charles “too crowded” and blew herself up a lot The inside story, including the roles played by the media and the public. Diana recalled that once when she was on a trip to Australia, the crowd crowded the streets, waiting to shake hands with the Crown Prince and his wife, but there were frequent reports from the crowd on one side: “Oh! She is on the other side.” Obviously, the crowd was more looking forward to interacting with Diana, and Not the future King Charles III.

Diana said helplessly: “Imagine that you are a proud man like my husband. If you hear similar remarks every day for four consecutive weeks, you will care, you will be depressed, and you will not share them happily.” Now history repeats itself, the difference is , Charles’ mentality may have changed.

凱特王妃走到哪都是焦點, 最高的王室ء 0; 員。(路透社)

Princess Kate is the focus wherever she goes, and she seems to be the most popular member of the royal family. (Reuters)

The last time Charles fully demonstrated his “popularity loss” was at the famous Chelsea Flower Show in London. He and Queen Camilla showed up first. William and Kate, who arrived a few hours later, were obviously more enthusiastically welcomed by the crowd. . Although Prince Harry previously revealed that his father was dissatisfied that the couple lost popularity to the eldest son’s family, royal biographer Robert (Robert Jobson) believes that Kate has the blessing and instruction of her father-in-law.

威廉與凱特的幼子路易王子王 因表情豐富可 ; 「國寶」。(路透社)

威廉與凱特的幼子路易王子王 因表情豐富可 ; 「國寶」。(路透社)

William and Kate’s youngest son, Prince Louis, has been hailed as a “national treasure” by the British media for his rich and lovely expressions. (Reuters)

Robert analyzed to the “Daily Mail” that Charles understands that if he wants to continue the monarchy, he cannot be decoupled from the younger generation, while William and Kate follow tens of millions of Twitter and Instagram accounts, not only sharing hard official schedules , and often share the daily life photos of the royal family 3 cute babies, and some parent-child interaction moments, which are satisfying the desire of the outside world to spy on the royal family’s life, and subtly leading the direction of community discussions, becoming an important turning point for the royal family to grasp the opportunity in the social blitz.

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