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DXOMARK announces new scoring criteria, Xiaomi 12S Ultra dropped from fifth to seventh- Qooah

The latest news, on September 21, DXOMARK said that the DXOMARK engineer team has undergone more than a year of newly developed and upgraded smartphone video, screen, audio, battery and selfie test benchmarks and a new scoring system launched today. It is worth mentioning that DxOMark and AnTuTu are of the same nature, one is the camera rating list, and the other is the mobile phone performance list. In addition, DXOMARK also disclosed its own score and algorithm structure for the first time, and expressed the hope that this can be more transparent and closer to the real user experience of users, so as to provide consumers with more valuable and meaningful reference. Now, I can see that the latest scores and rankings of DXOMARK have been updated on the official website.

Judging from the list, Honor Magic4 Ultimate is still the first, ranking first in terms of lens score of 147, 1 point more than before; the second place is HUAWEI P50 Pro, and the third place is tied In this case, Apple iPhone 13 Pro, Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra are tied for third, and HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro + sixth. But what is interesting is that this year, the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra, which is known as the most realistic image jointly with Leica, fell to seventh (previously it was fifth), HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro + and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra tied for eighth respectively, Google Pixel 6 Pro and vivo X70 The Pro+ is tied for tenth, and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is in twelfth.

DXOMARK used to transform abstract and complex camera parameters and mobile phone performance! Turn taking pictures into the easiest form for users to understand, the higher the score, the better! Today, the company says, we’ve also developed a comprehensive test system, Analyzer, that effectively helps manufacturers test, calibrate, and optimize image quality more accurately, while also meeting the ever-increasing demands of users for filming. In addition, it also claims that this set of “Analyzer is the industry’s most complete and best-performing solution for measuring still and video image quality. There are 14 test modules, and each of these 14 test modules focuses on image quality. Like different attributes of quality.”

Finally, DXOMARK said that the new DXOMARK test benchmark will be mainly updated for the most real use cases, including daily use in more different scenarios and environments, and is committed to being one step closer to users. Therefore, in order to make the scoring system more transparent and authoritative, the scoring standards and calculation formulas of each test benchmark will now be publicly visible on the official website. In addition, in order to allow users to better understand, the score range of each benchmark is also unified, which makes it easier for users to understand the scores of different benchmarks and the product performance they represent.

The Mi 12S Ultra is the main model that represents the impact on the top flagship market this year. It not only added Leica images, but also increased the size of the main mirror sensor to 1 inch. The results of DXOMARK are not satisfactory. respond.

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