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BLACKPINK is the craziest today in Kaohsiung | Music | Hush!star news

BLACKPINK is the craziest today in Kaohsiung | Music | Hush!star news
BLACKPINK is the craziest today in Kaohsiung | Music | Hush!star news

Kaohsiung is the craziest today. The South Korean girl group “BLACKPINK” is going to sing at the Kaohsiung World Games main stadium under the endless calls of fans. This morning, a large number of star chasing fans poured into the airport. It is understood that this girl group will stay at the Kaohsiung InterContinental Hotel. However, hotel accommodation in Kaohsiung, including Marriott, Chengyi, Indigo, etc., are all popular. Fans can also enjoy a series of discounts for surrounding activities with concert ticket stubs!

BLACKPINK’s world tour “BORN PINK” started in Seoul, South Korea in October last year, and toured 7 cities in North America and 7 cities in Europe for a total of 24 performances. BLACKPINK arrived at Kaohsiung Xiaogang Airport by special plane this afternoon. Outside the airport, a large number of fans enthusiastically chased stars. This South Korean girl group arranged two concerts at the World Games main stadium today and tomorrow, and is expected to leave in 36 hours.

To welcome the arrival of the women’s group, the Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel, which is adjacent to the InterContinental Hotel, also launched the “Don’t Think About Going to Work Coffee” support event. With the BP concert ticket stub, you can redeem a cup of special drink Dark Strawberry Latte; the 24th floor “infinity pool pool bar Rar Bar”, from now until March 19th, join the designated community friends, and you can redeem Lisa’s co-branded bartending for free.

The Gaoshi government seized the business opportunity of the concert and launched “Food and Food Extension”. With the concert ticket, you will get a 50 yuan coupon for the night market in the business district. Taste of Kaohsiung is shared with fans from afar. Among them, “Pang Pang Thai” located in the Longhua public market is authentic Thai cuisine. The shop specializes in Thai boat noodles. When you inhale the noodles in one bite, the flavors of aroma, sourness, and spiciness linger on the tip of your tongue.

“Xiaohexia” on Dehui Road, Nanzi District, has a variety of classic Hong Kong-style Kung Fu dishes such as tender beef fried doll noodles, spicy abalone vermicelli pot and spicy super shrimp vermicelli pot, as well as special omelets such as cheese mullet roe. The grilled thick-cut mullet roe is put into the fresh omelette, and then decorated with golden cheese slices, which is rich in saltiness. The original curry fish egg omelette and spring onion beef omelet can give bp fans a different taste .

“BLACKPINK” arrived at Kaohsiung Xiaogang Airport on a special plane today. A large number of fans poured in outside the airport to chase stars enthusiastically,…
Grabbing concert business opportunities, the Gaoshi Youth Bureau recommended fans to Nanzi. “Xiaohexia” to taste cheese mullet roe omelette, rich and salty…
To seize the business opportunity of a concert, the Gaoshi Youth Bureau recommended fans to “Pangpangtai” to taste authentic Thai cuisine.Reporter Wang Zhaoyue / Recap

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