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With more and more deeds of Links abusing Kroger in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”, Berkurin “himself” of the same family stood up and spoke out.

In the game, Bokulin is the big Kroger in the game. Players need to help little Kroger get to his companions to get the seeds they stole in a prank and return them to Berkurin.

However, in “Tears of the Kingdom”, the method of using the “Ultimate Hand” to move the little Kroger is free, so various incidents of Link’s accidental injury and abuse have resulted. This wave of players playing with Kroger, Bokulin’s voice actress Cristina Vee has a panoramic view, so she can’t help connecting herself with the character, tweeting and jokingly saying: “I have seen all the crimes you have committed against Kroger “.

Perhaps it was seen by “Berkulin himself”, which gave Links a feeling of “doing bad things and being discovered by adults”. Some players left a message to regret that they had accidentally injured Kroger; News” to find 900 Kroger seeds, and share clips of him abusing Kroger.

But even if they are of the same race, it is still inevitable to accidentally hurt them. Cristina Vee also confessed that she accidentally roasted Kroger; at that time, she built a carriage to transport the tribe, but hit a flame fruit on the way, which eventually caused the carriage to be blown up and the horse was roasted.

Although it was an accident that Cristina Vee hurt Kroger, the players who commented at the bottom of the tweet were very happy and agreed. They all said “This is my Berkulin”, “I’m crying, I mean that horse”, “Have you ever tried to shoot Kroger with a rocket?”, or joked about conspiracy theories and said “This is really an accident Is it? There is still a ghost behind it.”




Of course, “Bokulin” in the game has no malice towards the little Krogers; but they stole the seeds more than once as a prank, and many netizens feel that they deserved it,Maybe I’m justified in wanting revenge on Kroger..

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