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“Taipei Stock Market” One Piece and Fa Ge Da attack the three major legal persons to buy more than 24.369 billion yuan

“Taipei Stock Market” One Piece and Fa Ge Da attack the three major legal persons to buy more than 24.369 billion yuan
“Taipei Stock Market” One Piece and Fa Ge Da attack the three major legal persons to buy more than 24.369 billion yuan

【Times-Taipei Electric Power】The Federal Reserve released a “dove” for peace, driving US stocks to rise twice in a row! Taiwan’s nine-in-one election countdown sprints, and Taiwan’s stock market has shown a shocking rise after advancing to the half-year line. Today, under the heavy attack of electronic stocks and One Piece, it surged 175 points, and closed at the highest point of 14,784 points, setting a new high in the wave rebound . Today, foreign capital (excluding self-operated foreign investors) bought more than 23.32681 billion yuan, credit investment bought more than 1.43703 billion yuan, self-employed traders sold more than 394.27 million yuan, and the three major legal entities bought more than 24.369 billion yuan. Foreign capital has bought 26.032 billion yuan in 3 consecutive days, and has bought 169.066 billion yuan in total this month.

Fed meeting minutes “dove” loud and clear, encouraging the four major U.S. stock indexes to continue to rise, Taiwan stocks in the weight stocks TSMC (2330) maintain stability, MediaTek (2454) strong rebound, ignition electronics stocks play the leading role again, IC design, PA, automotive Electricity, etc. are in full bloom, pushing up the index all the way up. After midday, the popular indicators of containers such as Sanxiong Evergreen (2603), Yangming (2609) and Wan Hai (2615) expanded their gains, and the gains of the index further expanded. The final weighting The index closed at the highest point of 14784 points, soaring 175.46 points, hitting a high point of more than 2 months, and the transaction value was enlarged to 217.203 billion yuan.

The spiritual leader TSMC (2330) closed at the highest at 496 yuan, UMC (2303), Yageo (2327), ASE Investment Holdings (3711) and other shocks received small reds, optical duo Daliguang (3008) and Yujingguang (3406) Both went up, driving Yang Mingguang (3504), Yaguang (3019) and Jin Guoguang (6209) to maintain stability. Hon Hai (2317) was affected by the impact of the Zhengzhou factory conflict. AUO (2409) turned black 1% lower.

The IC design community held a party, benefiting from the spring breeze of smart phones, and the popularity of the semiconductor chain. MediaTek (2454) was named by UBS. The bullish news surged 3%. , Liwang (3529), Weiquan Electronics (2436), Chuangxin (3443), Realtek (2379), Novatek (3034) and others followed up; Deng daily limit, Hongjieke (8086), and Wenmao (3105) played vigorously at the same time.

The king of shipping stocks reappeared. The three major container companies Evergreen (2603), Yangming (2609), and Wan Hai (2615) were sought after by buyers and soared by 3%. Huiyang-KY (2637) followed closely behind and went up at the same time, while China Airlines (2610) and EVA Air (2618) remained stable.

Policy indicators Biotech stocks diverged in the countdown trend before the election. Lamex (1795) hit the daily limit and hit a sky-high price of 239 yuan. Taifu-KY (6541) and Jingshuo (6491) rose by half the limit. Qiaoshan (1736) .

Taiwan stocks rose in the international stock market today (24th). The technical aspects and pre-election policies are more positive, and multiple benefits are combined. Led by the electronics group such as shipping and IC design, they have risen three times in a row and climbed to 14,700 points. Highs in more than 2 months. The legal person believes that the stock sector maintains a healthy rotation trend, and it is expected that the index will have more than a thousand points to advance from the annual line, and there is a chance to fight for the 10,000 mark.

Analysts said that U.S. stocks have been more bullish recently in a relatively dovish atmosphere. Taiwan stocks are still in a good international mood. To maintain high-grade passivation, it is recommended to enter the market for bargain hunting. Before the Fed interest rate meeting on December 15, it is expected that U.S. stocks will rise sharply and return to high-end volatility. (Editor: Long Cailin)

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